Event | March 15, 2022

BioProcess International US West

IDBS will be presenting at the conference this year in San Diego, California. We look forward to being back at Bioprocess in-person events in 2022.

IDBS’ Cell Culture Presentation:
Reimagining Data Management from Bioprocess R&D to Manufacturing
Speaker: Michael Barnes, Lead Solutions Consultant  | 2:30pm-3pm
Booth #442  
Abstract: The traditional approaches to data/method capture using ELN and LIMS, inevitably lead to ever-growing blind spots in terms of data management. With the multitude of data, instruments, and software, how can groups/companies manage disparate data sources? How can data integrity be ensured if manual transcription is required for linking results to process data? By improving how these data moieties are captured and contextualized in a digital backbone, we can expedite process understanding to enable faster decision making. From simplified tech transfers, automatic report generation, and comprehensive analytics, the IDBS Polar BPLM (BioPharma Lifecycle Management) platform provides an end-to-end solution for process tracking and data capture across the entire biopharmaceutical landscape. Underpinned by our Polar data backbone and available instrument/software integrations, users can seamlessly acquire data and utilize our embedded analytics modules to quickly glean insights from experiment to campaign, and Early Process Development to Manufacturing.
About BPI West: Accelerate speed-to-market for your next generation mAbs, vaccines and cell/gene therapy products. Learn how to improve process efficiencies and maintain product quality across all phases of bioprocessing.