Scitara and IDBS: Partners for Progress

Scitarais a global provider of cloud-based, industry-specific platforms and solutions for the life sciences industry. The wide diversity of lab instruments, software and web services creates a challenge to manage workflows and digital data that involves multiple vendors and applications, some of which are not PC based. Scitara’s Scientific Integration Platform™ SIP™ connects every device, instrument, system and service in the lab to a common, cloud-based platform. Meet the Modern Lab™.  

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Introducing Scitara Scientific Integration Platform - SIP

SIP automates the exchange of data by connecting instruments, applications, web services and informatics systems. Configurable and vendor-agnostic, the platform makes it easy to support legacy systems and integrate new ones. And by providing a built-in digital chain of custody, it can improve regulatory compliant data integrity. 


The best-in-class platform for scientific research and innovation in all industries.

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IDBS Polar

The world’s first BioPharmaceutical Lifecycle Management system. Accelerate your biopharmaceutical development.

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The Scitara Digital Lab Exchange DLX™

Designed for operation in a regulated environment,.  Scitara DLX is the foundation technology of the SIP.  Scitara DLX delivers a seamless digital data exchange experience, incorporating unparalleled connectivity and unrivaled automation resulting in unprecedented scientific insights and on-time decision making. Scitara has created a digital data exchange platform that embraces and connects the natural diversity of laboratory instruments and applications to a lab-wide common communication backbone. 

Scitara’s technology drives scientific data mobilityby:  

  • Automating the exchange of scientific data across multiple endpoints in your scientific network  
  • Creating a flexible ecosystem where integrations and automations for your lab instruments, applications and other resources may be configured and delivered on demand as business needs change  
  • Accelerating the delivery, accessibility and sharing of scientific data across the enterprise. 

Meet the Modern Lab™

For the first time, organizations can close the loop in achieving a data mobility strategy. By implementing a fully connected and compliant laboratory infrastructure with data mobility as standard, laboratories can make their digital transformation goals a reality. 

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