BPI Europe Digital Week

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View our webinar “Managing the Journey from Process Development to Insight” with Henry Charlton, Commercial Director, Biologics, on-demand.

With the increasing use of high-throughput and process intensification techniques in bioprocess development there’s no shortage of data but extracting valuable insights from that data is a time consuming and error prone process, requiring laborious manual work and multiple steps. This presentation will show how Polar, our cloud-based BioPharma Lifecycle Management (BPLM) platform, now makes it possible to operationalize data governance throughout biopharma development, ensuring data integrity while improving efficiency in the lab. Digital workflows with embedded data and equipment integrations eliminate data silos and provide the full context behind process and quality data, curating a rich data backbone across the biopharmaceutical lifecycle. Our new Polar Insight capabilities provide advanced data modelling and visualization tools, reducing the reliance on data science experts for common analysis requests such as comparing bioreactor runs or complex data sets over multiple campaigns and creating a more efficient path to process understanding.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to build the right foundation to ensure confidence in the accuracy and availability of your data
  • Understand how to get actionable insights from your bioprocess data to maximize cell culture productivity
  • Discover how out-of-the box workflows and integrations can curate a process data backbone that speeds time-to-insight with advanced data analytics and visualization tools.

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