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IDBS and Tableau are building on their unique partnership to offer the best of both technologies to help advance the speed to understanding business and data analytics. Being built on Tableau provides plentiful opportunities to extract visual analysis from your data within the IDBS suite of products. IDBS not only utilizes the benefits of Tableau visualization, but also the infrastructure performance and operational stability required when offering an enterprise scale solution.

Together with Tableau, we are developing the next generation Biopharma software analytics visualization.

Experience the power of unparallel partnerships!

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Experience Tableau workflow

The power of Tableau makes your data stand out! Visualization will help identify the action items in your data and allow for quicker decision making.


The best-in-class platform for scientific research and innovation in all industries.

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IDBS Polar

The world’s first BioPharmaceutical Lifecycle Management system. Accelerate your biopharmaceutical development.

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Pandemic Accelerates Digital Transformation

Data is no longer just a competitive advantage. It is critical to the health and often the survival of an organization.

quantifying the business impact for data capture with Tableau

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Webinar | January 26th | Managing the Journey from Process Development to Insight

Join our webinar, Managing the Journey from Process Development to Insight, where you will learn how to build the right foundation to ensure confidence in the accuracy and availability of your data, understand how to get actionable insights from your bioprocess data to maximize cell culture productivity, and discover how digital workflows with embedded integrations can curate a process data backbone that speeds time-to-insight with advanced data analytics and visualization tools.

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