From Siloed to Streamlined: Pharmaceutical Data Management Is Changing

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The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the process of drug development into the spotlight in a new way. The challenge for biopharmaceutical companies-to create, test, and manufacture a vaccine in months rather than years-appears to have been successful, with vaccine rollout already making a measurable difference in the communities that have received it1. This has highlighted both the potential benefits of getting it right2 (Pfizer/BioNTech) and the high cost of mistakes3 (Sanofi-GSK). In the space of a year, the biopharmaceutical industry was pushed to accelerate movement in directions it was already exploring, as well as embrace completely new ways of working. In the way of successes, Pfizer developed an effective method to recycle special filters needed in vaccine production that were in short supply and Moderna reduced the time involved in inspection and packaging of the vaccine.

In the end, the pandemic taught us a lot about which old systems can be abandoned and which new ones should become the norm. There are numerous seasons for optimism as we move further into this decade of industrialized biology and biopharma 4.0-but there are still challenges in research and development (R&D) that need to be addressed before the biopharmaceutical industry can reap the benefits of an increasingly digital world.

The solution is an entirely new category of software: Biopharmaceutical Lifecycle Management (BPLM), an operational foundation for drug development that allows complete integration into the development ecosystem, all the way from early development to clinical and commercial supply.

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