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In the news | 5th Aug 2021

How Smart Data Management Will Allow Biopharma to Embrace the Digital Twin

Alberto Pascual, IDBS, tells MedCity News how digital twins can help advance innovation in R&D.

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If the value of digital transformation wasn’t clear before, the pandemic has been a wakeup call for its critical importance, both in advancing innovation and navigating the unexpected. The ability to construct a digital twin, a full in silico replica of a real-life structure, instrument or process, is a compelling benefit of digital transformation. For any industry, digital twins are an incredibly efficient way of understanding your processes and getting ahead of events outside of normal operation.
For the bioprocess industry, there is also enormous potential in the digital twin. It’s difficult to model and simulate what you don’t fully know—but we’re getting closer and closer every day. One way that we can get there is by collecting and collating data across conditions. we need to shift away from the old systems of data storage and management toward one that curates data and provides integration and contextualization in a way that’s easy to understand. Adoption of this type of system—a biopharmaceutical lifecycle management system, or BPLM—not only enriches data collection and analysis, but it makes possible the creation of digital twins in biopharma.