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E-WorkBook for Chemistry is built upon the foundation of the enterprise IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud platform, and uses industry-leading cheminformatics technology from ChemAxon for molecular representation and indexing.

The software is designed for the needs of a modern chemist, providing advanced capabilities in an intuitive web interface, which facilitates ease of deployment and readily available access to data. In addition to the wealth of experience IDBS has gained working with life-science companies, the product has been actively designed with key life-science stakeholders to ensure the workflow requirements of both the chemist and collaborator are met.


Research informatics systems do not exist in isolation, and IDBS provides a feature rich API library for integrations to external systems, in addition to performant architecture and a scalable database model. The product can be deployed as SaaS, and IDBS is proud of our ISO security certifications and partnership with Amazon Web Services.


  • Enter your molecules or reactions using the web-based ChemAxon MarvinJS drawing tool, or your favorite desktop external editor, such as ChemDraw, BioviaDraw or MarvinSketch
  • Leverage user-specific sequence identifiers in experiment title generation
  • Perform comprehensive stoichiometry calculations, with advanced features to accurately reflect additions and changes of materials
  • Easily lookup reagents from multiple data sources, either by partial name, synonym or sub-structure
  • Capture health and safety information for your experiment and associated reaction components
  • Record your precise experimental procedure using stepwise reaction conditions
  • Reduce the time to write up the experimental procedure using auto-text keyboard shortcuts, and automatic synchronization to the components of the stoichiometry table
  • Create samples for your analytical testing service, with workflows to manage the returned results

Submit product structures and metadata to your corporate registration system, with out-of-the-box integration to ChemAxon chemical registration system (sold separately)

  • Parallel synthesis of compounds, with enumeration either to individual experiments or as a single table
  • Advanced chemical searching with combined experimental and reaction chemical entity data
  • Public API library available for integrations to inventory, registration and analytical systems

So, are you ready to ditch your outdated system? Ready to take your research and data to the next level?

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