Press release | 18 August 2021

An Industry-Leading Partnership: IDBS Expands its Analytics Capabilities with Tableau

Guildford, UK  — August 18, 2021 — An Industry-Leading Partnership – IDBS Expands its Analytics Capabilities with Tableau

IDBS, a leading R&D technology and solutions provider and Tableau, the world’s leading analytics platform, announced a strategic partnership to integrate Tableau into the IDBS suite of products. The collaboration will be based on embedding Tableau’s visual and analytics capabilities into the IDBS product offerings.

This partnership will leverage the Tableau analytics platform to fully utilize the power of the scientific data and information managed by IDBS products. It will empower our customers with an integrated, interactive, and visual experience that facilitates the adoption of the rapidly expanding landscape of novel and advanced analytics applications that IDBS is providing. Together, both companies will be embarking on a drive to further the awareness and best use cases of the collaboration to a wide range of customers. With this partnership, IDBS customers, regardless of their expertise, will now be able to do advanced visual analytics and derive insights facilitated by the intuitive interface of Tableau that hides the technologies and algorithmic complexities by providing visuals that anyone can use. This is a major step into data democratization and self-service analytics.

“Tableau is committed to not only helping people see and understand data, but also making data available everywhere our customers need it, in the context of where they are,” said Pete Chizlett RVP, Tableau Embedded Analytics and OEM at Tableau. “By partnering with IDBS and having Tableau embedded in its products, we’re providing researchers the tools they need, within their workflow, to accelerate the development of new, transformative therapies.”

Alberto Pascual, Director, Data science and Analytics at IDBS, added, “With the power of Tableau supporting our data science engine, we will be able to bring a new wave of data intelligence to our customers. Tableau is a clear leader in Visual Analytics that provides the perfect complement to IDBS digital solutions. Together we will create a unique combined Scientific Analytics platform that will primarily benefit our user community. We believe this association will have a wide-ranging impact, accelerating the digital transformation in our industry.

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