Webinar digital innovation to support quality by design

Webinar | Digital Innovation to Support Quality by Design

What’s Next for Laboratory Information Systems?

Quality by Design (QbD) is a bold vision for ensuring quality in pharma drug development through robust risk management and data analysis. The journey towards this vision starts with improving process understanding and characterization, supported by advances in technology such as high throughput process development as well as advances in data sciences. Current lab software such as electronic lab notebooks (ELN) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS) do not meet the data requirements of QbD, however.

In this webinar, IDBS will share how an innovative approach to biopharma lifecycle management supports true QbD and can accelerate development to bring products to market faster.

Join us on July 14th at 8am PDT/11am EDT/ 4pm BST/ 5pm CEST


Marc Smith, Director Strategic Solutions

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