Streamlining R&D Processes and Reducing Inefficiencies


‘This is how we’ve always done it’ is a very dangerous statement to be made within any business, especially in R&D. This one line illustrates that a team may have fallen into the trap of relying on old processes which although still work, may not be efficient and good for the company’s bottom line.

So what’s the solution? Well, a comprehensive review is the first step. Only by analyzing the existing processes and procedures is it possible to identify areas which can be improved. It requires expertise, time, and resources. And as we all know, your researchers and scientists are most valuable to your company when they are carrying out experiments and writing reports. The problem then, is that finding time to update current processes is usually relegated to the bottom of every to-do-list.

To help you streamline your processes and reduce your inefficiencies in the most effective way, we’ve created this guide.

Key points: 

  • Some companies are still using paper to record their data
  • Upgrading your system is less work than not upgrading it
  • In fact, not upgrading can cost you dearly

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