IDBS Sample Characterization with LabVoice


How many times a day do you walk across the lab to get to your ELN and record your data? Whatever the number, it’s still too many. It pulls you away from your bench, away from the science.

It’s a waste of time. Yes, recording your data is non-negotiable. But does it have to be so cumbersome? Not anymore.

LabVoice offers an innovative workflow engine for scientific voice assistants. And IDBS has partnered with LabVoice to incorporate this tech into its ELN.

The days of smearing your equipment with reagents are over. No more taking off your gloves. No more walking across the lab to record your data in your trustworthy ELN.

Instead, you can simply ask LabVoice to record the data for you. From anywhere in the lab. Welcome to the new world.

Watch the integration in action.

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