Creativity in the Workplace


In a research and development environment, creativity is not only the catalyst to new discoveries, it’s also the fuel for success in the wider business. Having researchers and scientists thinking creatively, approaching problems and challenges from new angles, and thinking about future innovations is the difference between simply ticking boxes and potentially changing the world.

Given the inherent benefits of creativity in the workplace and the motivation this generates within individuals, it’s clear that empowering scientists and researchers in this way should be an objective for all R&D organizations. But what is the best way to implement this and ensure employees are feeling creative?

Key points: 

  • Curiosity and creativity are important for success
  • Talent isn’t everything. Organizations should also consider cultural fit
  • There are many kinds of creativity; some of them should be implemented in the workplace to boost happiness and therefore productivity

In this eBook we walk you through some of the steps you can take to ensure creative thinking and innovative idea generation within your business. Download your copy below!

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