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Accelerating your Process Development with BioPharma Lifecycle Management

The Biopharma 4.0 is a bold vision, with smart factories and process automation, driven by real time data to constantly ensure quality and efficiency. The journey towards this vision starts with improving process understanding and characterization, supported by advances in technology such as high throughput process development as well as advances in data sciences that enable in-silico process development.

In this webinar, Henry Charlton, Commercial Director of Biologics Development at IDBS shares how effective biopharma lifecycle management can drive speed and innovation in process development as labs struggle with the increases in data from equipment, instruments and sensors.

Speaker: Henry Charlton, Commercial Director of Biologics Development 

Henry Charlton studied Biochemical Engineering at University College London and subsequently researched harvesting procedures for mammalian cells secreting monoclonal antibodies for his PhD. He has held a number of roles developing and implementing biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. This included the use of software to understand the implications for manufacturing facility expansions and the impact of various technical options and platforms.

More recently he has focused on solutions to expedite the development of diagnostic tools and biopharmaceuticals based on understanding market drivers and customer opinion. This culminated in him joining IDBS, the leading provider of R&D software solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry, in September 2020 as Commercial Director for Biologics Development.

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accelerating your process development with biopharma lifecycle management
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