Master Data Management for the Scientist


Master data management (MDM) refers to data governance principles and practices which an organization may choose to implement – using a combination of people, processes and technology – to reduce ambiguity causing wasted time to maximize the value of their data assets.

For organizations that rely on data driving their business, MDM is a necessary activity – but when done well, can be an advantage in certain use cases like analytics and business insights – as well as contributing to the application of F.A.I.R. data principles.

This whitepaper explores the concepts of MDM and why it is becoming increasingly important with the number of informatics systems an organization deploys and as the multitude of various stakeholders increases.

Key points: 

  • Master data management are the data governance principles a company chooses to implement
  • Done right, it can boost your analytics and business insight
  • E-WorkBook can help you get there


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