High-Throughput Data Management


Over the past decades you’ve adopted several new exciting technologies like miniaturization, parallelization and high-throughput systems. Perhaps you’ve successfully set up a neat scale-down operation based on microbioreactors? Now, you’re able to do more. More experiments! More projects! And more parallel runs that save time for the crucial Cell Line Development and cell culture process teams which initiate all important biologics projects.

But are you really geared up to leverage the vast amount of data generated by high-throughput? Are you able to capture it automatically and store it safely in one place where you can easily access it for meaningful analysis?

If your current legacy system can’t handle the pace of today, how can you expect it to handle the pace of tomorrow? Download our eBook below to learn more about our unique solution to this problem, IDBS Polar HTPD.

Key points: 

  • The bottleneck is no longer running more experiments; it’s understanding them
  • Legacy systems are not able to keep up with the data load of today
  • Polar HTPD is designed for high-throughput
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