Press release | 6 April 2021

IDBS and LabVoice Announce Integration to Accelerate R&D

Guildford, UK  — April 6, 2021 — LabVoice, which provides a workflow engine for scientific voice assistants, and IDBS, a leading R&D technology and solutions provider, are excited to announce an integration to accelerate research, innovation, and design. By introducing voice to IDBS scientific software platforms, scientists will have real-time access to their ELN, regardless of their location in the lab. More specifically, the integration will voice-enable E-WorkBook, a flexible R&D platform fueling research and development across a number of industries.

By leveraging LabVoice voice assistants, scientists will be able to unlock a new mode of engaging with E-WorkBook. Users will be able to query experiments and will have real-time, bench-side data capture enabled. Furthermore, context unavailable in data sets, such as experimental metadata or observations, can be easily added to any E-WorkBook experiment. Voice authentication from LabVoice will enable E-WorkBook to recognize the user and point them towards their instance, creating a robust audit log.

Scott Weiss, VP Product Strategy, said “IDBS E-WorkBook is a best-of-breed platform for the planning, execution and reporting of scientific workflows across the R&D value chain. IDBS constantly strives to identify innovative technology to simplify our customer’s workflow and are excited by the possibilities of incorporating LabVoice’s market-leading voice technologies within our platforms. The prospect of voice guided workflow and hands-free data capture are potentially game-changing for many laboratory environments, improving lab efficiency, safety and overall data quality. Imagine pipetting samples, gathering data, recording observations, and initiating an instrument run all simultaneously through the power of your voice.”

“At LabVoice, we believe strongly that our platform becomes more powerful when integrated with best-in-class scientific tools,” said Fred Bost, CEO and co-founder of LabVoice. “The IDBS platform is a best-in-class tool, and we are excited to open new levels of productivity, data integrity, and discovery through this integration.”

Both LabVoice and IDBS are committed to the support of the integration and will work with select customers to help discover new applications. Should you be interested in a specific use case, please speak with your LabVoice or IDBS contact, or reach out via email: ||


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We know that scientists want to be safe, efficient, and most of all, focus on science. LabVoice gives you a hands-free laboratory experience by bringing you the first voice assistant tailored specifically for you and your workflows. No need to look away or take off your gloves while working in the lab and performing tasks like taking notes, working with software, or using instrumentation. We’re working to voice-enable your lab of the future today. LabVoice was founded in 2018 by the founders of SciTegic & HEOS and has amassed a talented team of engineers to make the digitalization of the laboratory a reality. Visit our LinkedIn ( or website ( to learn more!

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