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IDBS announces Polar BioAnalysis – bringing consistency, quality, and reproducibility to preclinical drug qualification across the development lifecycle.

Polar BioAnalysis expands the capabilities of IDBS Polar, a cloud-based platform that smooths the bumps of biopharmaceutical development – easing the curation of data that CROs need to accelerate cycle time and pharma require to deliver drug-to-market.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how IDBS delivers best practices in bioanalytical sample management, QC reporting, method execution, ICH M-10 compliance, and more.

Duration: 25 minutes + Q&A

Graeme DennisCommercial Director, Preclinical Biopharma

Graeme Dennis joined IDBS as the Commercial Director, Preclinical Pharma in 2018. Prior to IDBS, Graeme held scientific informatics roles in academia and industry. Graeme is interested in systems that help organizations decouple data from its systems of acquisition and use, enabling to pursue data-driven strategic objectives. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jennifer Crovatto: Senior Consultant

Jennifer is a Professional Services Senior Consultant at IDBS, with close to 15 years providing scoping, template development, delivery and project management services to the pharmaceutical industry. She has an Masters in Library and Information Science from Rutgers University and has worked at IDBS for eight years.

Kevin Tse

Kevin Tse, Solutions Consultant

Kevin Tse is a Solutions Consultant at IDBS. Prior to joining IDBS in 2019, Kevin held a variety of bioanalytical roles in pre-clinical research, analytical development, and quality control within the biopharmaceutical industry. Kevin holds a MS Bioscience Administration from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is based in Boston.

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