Time to leave the legacy point-solutions behind

ELN, LIMS and other legacy software have played an important role in many research projects, but their limitations hamper data visibility and obstruct collaboration, which hinders further innovations and progress.

Does your LIMS:

  • Prevent the use of material not on a ‘critical reagents’ list or from using an unverified balance?
  • Identify the deviations encountered during sample preparation?
  • Eliminate paper across the entire laboratory?
  • Provide you with a modern, intuitive and web-enabled interface?

It’s unlikely you could answer yes to all of these questions with your existing LIMS – but with E-Workbook, we’ve combined the very best functionalities of lab-based informatics to go beyond traditional lab management software, providing cutting-edge data capture and analysis tools, job requesting and management, inventory management, and biology and chemistry functionality all in one centralized location.

E-WorkBook is the world’s best-in-class informatic platform for scientific research and discovery. It is a flexible R&D software that meets the demands of your industry, the needs of the various business units in your organization today, and that can rapidly adapt and scale to meet whatever requirements you may have tomorrow.

We can help you manage your operations and reduce your backlogs, all without having to deploy yet another standalone system.

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