What’s Delaying the Move Toward BioPharma 4.0?


We have all heard the urgent prophecy of BioPharma 4.0 – several times by now.

We have patiently listened to the grand vision of smart processes that continuously learn from data, optimize conditions and predict the future, all in a couple of seconds. A promise of a coming enterprise-wide network that promotes communication and strategic insight, while controlling manufacturing, logistics and supply chains – for shorter time-to-market at lower cost. According to research by McKinsey1, the biopharmaceutical industry could achieve a whopping 40% gain in productivity2 by this imminent paradigm shift.

So, what’s the hold up? Download our eBook to find out more…

Key points: 

  • There is something blocking innovation
  • The market is ripe for change and the technology is available, so what’s the delay?
  • Legacy thinking could be more at fault here than legacy systems
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