Press release | 12th January 2021

Strategic Partnership Between Genedata and IDBS Aims to Further Streamline Biopharma Discovery, Development and Manufacturing

The collaboration will enable direct integration of IDBS digital solutions with the Genedata Biopharma Platform, accelerating the discovery and development of next-generation biotherapeutics 

Basel, Switzerland & Boston, MA, USA — January 12, 2021 — Genedata and IDBS, both leading innovators for biopharma digital transformation, have entered into a strategic partnership to create synergies between their platforms. The combined solution will directly integrate IDBS digital solutions with the Genedata Biopharma Platform so that all R&D as well as manufacturing data can be seamlessly exchanged, processed, and interpreted along the entire biopharma workflow. This collaboration addresses the challenge of streamlining and digitalizing all biopharma operations, from early discovery through development to manufacturing. The goal is to digitally track all experimental data for every molecule and sample and provide state-of-the-art data analytical capabilities to obtain optimal results. That will enable efficient data-driven decision making, shortening time to market by expediting R&D breakthroughs and increasing operational excellence in manufacturing. This synergic approach will further drive harmonization and automation along entire value chains, resulting in delivering innovative therapeutics to patients faster. 

“The discovery, development, and manufacturing of innovative biotherapeutics, as well as cell and gene therapies and next-generation vaccines, is based on extremely complex R&D as well as production processes,” noted Othmar Pfannes, Ph.D., CEO of Genedata. “With our Genedata Biopharma Platform, we have been focusing on automating the full range of biopharma workflows, while maintaining an open and collaborative approach with other technology providers in the domain.  Our partnership with IDBS now aims to directly integrate best of class ELN systems like the IDBS E-workbook with our Genedata Biopharma Platform. This will minimize the setup and integration work for our joint customers, and provide the best of both worlds for our joint user community—fully automated high-throughput processes with limited data entry requirements and comprehensive and detailed documentation for IP protection and regulatory compliance.” 

“Many of our customers are at the cutting edge of biopharmaceutical development, working to provide patients with novel therapies to improve their health and well-being,” said Christian Marcazzo, Vice President and General Manager of IDBS. “However, many of these companies are failing to fully embrace the power of digital infrastructure. In such a competitive landscape, increased efficiency can make all the difference in the race to market a product, and ultimately to patients.” Mr. Marcazzo continued, “IDBS and Genedata share a common vision, where data management and workflow automation solutions communicate seamlessly, providing our joint users with a unified and unparalleled user experience. Our collaboration with Genedata will ensure a continuum of data management and workflow automation to streamline the whole biologics lifecycle management from early-stage screening to late-stage manufacturing.”  

About Genedata 

Genedata transforms data into intelligence with innovative software solutions and domain-specific consulting services that automate complex, large-scale experimental processes and enable organizations to maximize the ROI in their R&D, spanning early discovery all the way to the clinic. Founded in 1997, Genedata is headquartered in Switzerland with additional offices in Germany, Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the US

About IDBS 

IDBS helps research and development (R&D) teams around the world make discoveries that have the potential to transform the lives of populations worldwide. The IDBS Bioprocess Solution offers streamlined process development workflows and analytics, accelerating time to market and enabling innovation. 

Our diverse customer list includes 22 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies, and other R&D-driven organizations in biotechnology, agricultural sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, energy, food and beverage, and healthcare serving over 50,000 researchers in 25 countries. 

Privately held since 1989, IDBS joined Danaher’s Life Sciences platform at the end of 2017. IDBS will helps provide the foundation for a portfolio of life sciences informatics and knowledge management solutions, within Danaher, that will accelerate the speed of discovering, developing and producing new drugs and therapies. 

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