Modern Data Management Enables You to Perform at a Better, Faster and Stronger Innovation Rate

Webinar | Presented on 04 Nov 2020

Often, scientific R&D data is not replicable or re-useable, holding a company back. In addition to racking up costs, it highlights that there are important things that need to be transformed in R&D. When it comes to technology, you need a collaborative environment, a usable and intuitive platform. You need user-friendly configurations, interoperability and integration, and a strong scientific informatics platform in place to manage and map the massive amounts of data.

Your data needs to be findable, accessible, interoperable and re-useable. And managed by a system that can scale with your business. That’s what software can help you achieve.

The right scientific software creates a consolidated data frame for you to store and interpret the data – this is foundational to making the right choices for your business.

Scott Weiss VP Product Strategy 700x933 1 225x300In this webinar, Scott Weiss, VP of Product Strategy at IDBS, will take us through building an ecosystem that not only fills a need, but also fits into your lab’s workflows to drive R&D processes and ensure data is in an accessible and digestible format.

This session will cover:

  • Optimizing your data management processes
  • What sets IDBS apart
  • The modules that form part of the IDBS platform
  • The evolution of the IDBS platform
  • Our library of integrations
  • Cloud deployment and its benefits
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