Supercharge Your Bioanalytical Workflows with a Next-Generation Data Management Platform

Webinar | Presented on 17 Sep 2020

Documenting studies on paper or Excel spreadsheets reduces efficiency and increases the chance of errors. The IDBS Bioanalysis Solution is a scientific informatics process execution system that supports all bioanalytical documentation needs – streamlining workflows in the lab and boosting compliance.

The solution goes beyond traditional ELN and LIMS functionality, covering all aspects of the bioanalytical testing workflow, from ensuring method compliance to minimize deviations and errors and safeguarding data integrity, to easing the audit process and reducing the reporting time.

Organizations using our solution have accurate and complete records that are traceable and timely, facilitating good relationships with partners as well as global regulatory bodies.

Heavily influenced by feedback from our customers, we’ve designed our solution to give users everything they need to document their bioanalytical studies electronically and eliminate the need for paper records.

In this demo, Craig Williamson, Solutions Consultant at IDBS, shows what the IDBS Bioanalysis Solution includes, what makes the configurable templates transformational, and how labs can benefit.

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