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Without the right tools, it’s difficult to report on the impact of data management on your activity. With Operational Analytics and Dashboards, get direct access to solutions adoption, templates and users metrics.

The Challenge

Analysis and optimization of business processes is the key to achieving operational excellence. Administrators, product owners, and business analysts are consistently challenged to measure the return on investment (ROI), as well as business rule compliance: project status, the progression of experiments, and adherence to business rules. Operational Analytics addresses these issues head-on by managing the platform with new reporting capabilities.

What is Operational Analytics & Dashboards

Operational Analytics is a flexible and easy datamart and set of dashboards to search and extract operational data for cloud customers.

Operational Analytics capabilities complement your data warehousing requirements, while also providing embedded dashboards to better understand exactly how your IDBS platforms are bring adopted and utilized. These new features come standard as part of your SaaS subscription.

Get direct visibility on user and team-centric questions

  • Understand users’ interactions with the platform
  • Quantify deployment effectiveness and usage within your organization
  • Identify silos through users’ interaction data


Form data-driven operational decisions and further adapt the platform to your needs 

  • Experimental activity and tasks progression
  • Template popularity
  • Study turnaround time
  • Quantify the platform ROI


User-friendly by design

  • Embedded dashboards for key users
  • Exemplar SQL query and dashboards based on experience and industry expertise
  • Integration with common analytics tools such as TableauPowerBILooker and Spotfire

Adoption Overview

Figure 1: Ability to measure the ROI on resourcing. This dashboard provides visibility across your teams on usage activity and helps with understanding critical trends and establishing benchmarks to identify best practices.


Experiments Report

Figure 2: Provides a top-down view on all experimental record statuses and helps ensure adherence to business rules and process around creation and completion of experiments within an expected timeframe.

Templates Report

Figure 3: Ability to analyze the usage and popularity of all IDBS templates and ensure compliance to business rules about usage and proper selection by teams and individuals.

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