Workflow-as-a-Service: Delivering Operational Consistency, Quality and Reproducibility to Preclinical Pharma

Webinar | Presented on 16 Aug 2019

Fewer than 50 percent of preclinical research studies, conducted at a cost of $28 billion per year, are reproducible. Rigor in bioanalytical method validation is emerging in the form of a global standard: preclinical studies are increasingly outsourced (by some estimates, more than half of the time) and senior scientists add the management of an offshore team to their duties.

How can software increase the reproducibility of preclinical research studies amid the shift towards outsourcing and the convergence of regulation and expectations?

Both at the sponsor and the contract service provider, value takes the form of price, delivery time, reputation, transparency and security — the kind of efficiencies a software investment is expected to provide.

This webinar will examine how the deployment of tools in a unit operations or “Workflow-as-a-Service” context can enable reproducible, consistent and transparent work at the scientist bench — while delivering sponsor value at the same time.

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