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IDBS Blog | 3rd October 2019

i3 Nashville Secrets for i3 London

Want to know a secret?

In September we hosted a very large group of IDBS customers from the US at i3 Nashville.

Customers from every R&D industry sharing experiences, lessons learned, and business challenges. So, are you going to i3 London? Or are you on the fence about registering and need a little convincing?

I have a few secrets to share (learned from i3 Nashville) about how to get the most out of the event.

IDBS Nashville i3

Schedule office hours

Schedule office hours. You may be thinking, “but I already speak with IDBS regularly, I don’t need another meeting with them.” Consider this. You typically meet with your IDBS Account Manager, Customer Success Manager and/or our ultra-qualified Professional Services Consultants. You pay for that consulting time (either through a project or a one-off engagement), but you should be maximizing your i3 attendance and scheduling office hours as “free consulting!”

What?! Sounds crazy, but it’s a dealer’s choice session. At i3 Nashville loads of customers booked office-hour sessions with IDBS experts.

We can advise you on a variety of topics, including: spreadsheet questions, formula building, workflow discussions, and platform strategy conversations. Really, anything regarding IDBS technology is on the table for the office hours topics. We’ll have IDBS associates available from every department, so take advantage of the office hours!

Attend the All-Access Session

Attend the All-Access Sessions (day 0) – if not for you, for your company! We strive to make the All-Access Sessions hands-on and interactive. Our goal is for you to take knowledge, a spreadsheet, a template etc home with you to share with your peers… but we don’t stop there.

After i3, you will receive a link to download cheat sheets, documentation, guidelines and even recordings of the Hands-On Sessions! The recordings are pure gold. You can share them internally as part of your end user/super user continuous education (ie training) program or use them for your own personal reference.

i3 Nashville

Participate in the polls and Q&As

Participate in the polls and questions. Presentations are so chock-full of information that we tend to run out of time before all of the Q&A is complete. Any questions that are left over will be addressed post-i3.

We are also collecting questions and polling the audience with an app called Slido (download the app here for Apple users or here for Android users, or bookmark the website here) that allows you to ask questions, respond to questions and jump in with poll responses. We are capturing the Voice of the Customer across many sessions and sharing that back within the IDBS organization to continuously improve our products and processes.

We look forward to seeing you in London!

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