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When selecting the right Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) for your organization, it’s important to think not just about where you are now, but also where you want to be in the future.

You need a flexible product that meets the demands of your particular science, the needs of the various business units in your organization today, and that can rapidly adapt and scale to meet whatever requirements you may have tomorrow.

With E-WorkBook ELN, you can scale performance as the number of users and quantity of your data grows. It delivers rapid return on investment with a generic deployment across business units and can tackle more complex challenges in subsequent phases.

Putting data at your fingertips

A quality ELN can transform your business. It’s not about simply replacing paper notebooks with an identical electronic system. It’s about doing things differently with a central focal point for managing content.

Users can work and collaborate in a single shared environment, unlocking the value of your business data to increase productivity and reduce wasted time reporting and analyzing critical data to make decisions. The result is the acceleration of the innovation process to bring new discoveries to market.

Getting started with our cloud-based ELN solution is simple. Installation is straight forward and you can work with our team of experts to take the guesswork out of system configuration and get you up-and running quickly. E-WorkBook ELN’s intuitive interface with drag-and-drop is easy to learn and use.

You can choose from a variety of training options including computer-based training to get your users on the system and generating value in no time.

Details matter

Most ELNs can capture unstructured data, such as text, documents, and images. Some also support simple text-based searching. Unlike other products, E-WorkBook ELN transforms this static content into a powerful, searchable repository of company knowledge, past experiments, and know-how.

You can benefit from a flexible central dictionary management of master data terminology and codes, with flexible metadata capture and powerful searching tools. This unique combination unlocks the potential of your company’s intellectual property by ensuring the context, as well as the content, is captured.

A platform for collaboration

Collaboration means connecting people with people and their data. The E-WorkBook ELN encourages people to work together and communicate.

You can create tasks, send email alerts, and share updates working side-by-side within experiments and projects.

You’re able to freely tag records with keywords or create comment threads to discuss findings. You can also follow your colleagues, topics of interest or active projects with personalized activity feeds, and generate reports or design dashboards.

Key product features and capabilities

  • Supports Microsoft Office and common  image formats using simple drag-and-drop
  • Easy-to-use tagging and commenting features that encourage collaboration
  • Unstructured and structured content search
  • User-configurable project and personal dashboards to follow people, projects, research topics and comments
  • Highly flexible security model and hierarchy provides the flexibility to manage many different scenarios that traditional ELNs cannot handle due to their rigidity
  • Integrates with other systems to provide true automation and remove transcription errors
  • Full GxP support with version control, auditing and multistep digital signature workflows
  • Dynamic landing pages bring relevant data and information to the fore removing the need to hunt for information
  • Supports LDAP and a variety of digital identity and signature platforms
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