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Inventory is at the heart of what labs do, underpinning all the innovative work scientists undertake.

Inventory represents the highest cost value for any organization. The financial and operational impacts of holding too much, or too little inventory, can impact lab efficiency – the inability to trace inventory and prove a chain of custody can also have regulatory implications. Ultimately, failing to manage inventory properly can significantly hit your bottom line.

Keep track of your inventory, all in one place

E-WorkBook Inventory allows you to seamlessly manage all your lab inventory, such as materials, equipment, samples and even the locations where they are stored, from a single platform. You save time and boost productivity by tracking and reviewing your inventory when you need to quickly and efficiently. To help manage storage spaces effectively, users  can drill down within containers to quickly determine available space.

With its modern web interface suitable for  use on PCs and tablets, and seamless integration with the other E-WorkBook modules, E-WorkBook Inventory helps organizations streamline lab management processes, improve traceability of inventory usage and reinforce compliance.  Inventory can be accessed through the web browser rather than a single instance on a lone lab PC – meaning you can manage your lab’s inventory, wherever you are.

Also, E-WorkBook Inventory enables organizations to add a layer of location permissions so that stock can be tracked separately, whether it is for compliance reasons, reserving materials or segregating equipment for GMP.

Record your inventory data with the highest standard in accuracy

Mislabeling is alarmingly common in labs. Studies have shown three out of every 100 labels are incorrect.

Imagine the impact mislabeling has on data accuracy and the amount of re-work needed to confirm out-of-spec sample results caused by incorrectly labeled samples. This type of error could lead to a cascade of re-works, accumulating reagent and equipment running costs in addition to scientists’ time.

With E-WorkBook Inventory, you’re able to automatically capture inventory details, such as batch numbers and sample IDs within experiments, by simply scanning a barcode. E-WorkBook Inventory supports label printing using Bartender™ of Zebra™ technologies. This eliminates transcription errors and ensures visibility of all details at time of use.

Enhance traceability through genealogical links

Within Inventory or through use of E-WorkBook Advance, scientists can create genealogical linkages between items in order to strengthen the traceability of materials, particularly in biological inventory.

Bi-directional traceability between other E-WorkBook modules and Inventory by virtue of usage logs, makes it easier to trace and audit creation, updating and use of inventory, thus improving inventory visibility.

This reporting capability also means you can make sure you have the right level of inventory available to comply with safety regulations and easily filter out properties such as status and expiry dates to ensure compliance.

Captured data with added experimental context

As a single source for all laboratory inventory information, E-WorkBook Inventory ensures that data, and more importantly, contextual information, sit side-by-side.

With this added layer of contextual information, data becomes even more valuable, increasing the opportunities for data-driven discoveries.

Why E-WorkBook Inventory?

  • The software simplifies R&D inventory management by integrating into the E-WorkBook platform, providing a single environment for your lab inventory needs
  • The solution enables access so that your inventory can be managed live or remotely to track item locations and status
  • Barcode scanning technology reduces  the risk of data transcription errors and saves time
  • A box view of materials and samples provides clarity and structured box management, so users can quickly identify locations for a new sample
  • Add process insight with contextualized data, increasing the opportunity for  data-driven discoveries

To find out more about how  E-WorkBook Inventory can help  you streamline your inventory management, contact our team here.

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