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How is it deployed?

E-WorkBook Request is available on the IDBS Cloud and as such does not need installing by a customer. It is designed to work with other members of the IDBS Cloud and also with on-premise installations of E-WorkBook and Inventory. Where customers have E-WorkBook and Inventory in the IDBS Cloud, the configuration is provided as part of the service offering. If you have on-premise software which you use with Request, the following sections give an overview of the crucial steps that need to be taken.


Request communicates over HTTPS over standard TLS/SSL ports through your browser. Typically, this means you do not need to enable ports on a firewall to be opened. E-WorkBook must be configured to use  HTTPS using the instructions provided with  the E-WorkBook release you have installed.


E-WorkBook and Request need to be configured to use single sign on (SSO) via the IDBS Platform Authentication Service (PAS). For on-premise customers, IDBS provides an ELN agent that sits alongside your E-WorkBook installation that will securely transfer basic user info in E-WorkBook available to our Cloud modules, such as Request. All communication is secured over TLS/SSL.

If you use an Identity Provider (IdP), then IDBS can configure the PAS to communicate with it. The list of a selection of supported ones is below, but the updated supported list is available on request from IDBS Customer Support.

  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Centrify
  • Okta
  • OneLogin

General Configuration

To configure Request to work with your E-WorkBook, you will need to make a small configuration change in your application server to enable communication to Request and configure the link to your Request instance using the E-WorkBook Administration Client. These steps are documented and available for download from the IDBS Customer Support site.


Users are authorized in Request by granting at least one of three roles (Admin, Requester, Fulfiller) granted via the IDBS Cloud Administration Console from a subset of the users you have registered in your E-WorkBook system.

What do you do with my data?


Request is managed and installed in Amazon, with two production locations available today:

  • East Coast US
  • Germany, EU

For serious disaster recovery purposes, we would recover to an Ireland AWS data center.


Request can capture user activities, executions, faults, and information security events in the secure system logs. Logs are
stored for 30 days according to our policies.

User Data

The module holds full names, emails, and IDs (user names and sample IDs). If you configure the system to capture meta data about work (due dates, parameters), any hyperlinks or upload documents, these are also managed within the system.


All data we hold in Request is encrypted at rest and in transit, which includes internally within the modules’ components, and between E-WorkBook and Request.

All backups are encrypted.

If you’d like to find out more about deploying our Request module, you can get in touch with our experts.

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