Press release | 17th July 2019

ActivityBase and ActivityBase XE Version 9.5 Released

The latest version of ActivityBase and ActivityBase XE version 9.5 has been released to customers. This forms part of IDBS’ regular bi-annual product release and continues our investment into ActivityBase, supporting our large top pharma and biotech customer base. 

Over the past few releases IDBS has added offerings to enable collaborations between pharma/biotech and CROs, reduced product complexity and improved workflow via a modern web experience, created server-side processing so data can be processed on the go, added new algorithms to correct data, and introduced methods to support new calculations.  

This release adds a mixture of new functionality and addresses key customer defects, with many of the updates informed by direct customer feedback. 

ActivityBase remains a core platform for early stage research for many of the world’s top R&D organizations. We will be increasing our investment in the product and will continue working with customers to ensure ActivityBase remains the world’s best and most established offering for high throughput and low volume screening. 

For more information on ActivityBase, click here. 

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