The Benefits of Having a Sustainable Lab


Labs are facing increasing pressure to be more efficient, more cost-effective and get drugs to market faster. Combine this with a desire by consumers to align themselves with ‘green’ and eco-friendly suppliers, and it’s no surprise many pharmaceutical companies and university labs are choosing to make their labs sustainable.

Here’s why…

  • Labs consume 3-4 times more energy than offices per square meter.
  • A typical research university lab consumes 40-60% of all energy on campus – 1⁄4 of that is from lab equipment alone.
  • Whether life science or chemistry lab – the amount of energy used by ‘the basics’ is significant. 70% of energy saved when replacing old equipment with energy efficient ones.
  • On average, a single fume hood consumes the same amount of energy as three family homes every day. 40% of energy can be saved just by lowering the sash on a fume hood.

Freezers are a major pain point

  • An average ULT freezer consumes as much as a single house-hold (about 20kWh/day)
  • Defrosting can contribute to approximately 10% in energy savings
  • Changing from -80°C to -70°C can save approx. 40% in energy savings


Over 200 LABS participated in the in 2017 across North America:

  • University of California, San Diego – 41 labs collectively saved 500,000 kWh/year from participating in the Freezer Challenge – this comes to $50,000 savings annually.
  • CDC’s combined labs saved an estimated 367,400 kWh/year in 2018 from the Freezer Challenge.
  • The energy savings due to this Challenge are equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by ~ 1,200 metric tons.
  • Together, they saved approx. 2.7 million kWh/ year and discarded more than 200,000 samples.

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