Harnessing the Power of Biopharma Research and Development Data


Transform your organization to compete in a digital economy

These are exciting times for the pharmaceutical industry. Innovation is leading the way, with new technologies and new approaches to disease emerging at a rapid pace. Global collaborations—partnerships between organizations, as well as outsourcing of development and manufacturing—are becoming the norm.

The biologics sector, in particular, is taking off. Currently, biologics account for more than half of all drugs in development, and they are expected to continue to dominate the market.

Innovation and growth, of course, can also give rise to new challenges. Global partnerships and clinical trials, new technologies and other innovations can all lead to massive amounts of data being generated.

Is your company ready to take full advantage of the data you generate to compete in the global digital economy? Are your laboratories able to efficiently generate high-quality data and easily store, manage and process that data? Can your scientists easily communicate and collaborate with partners around the globe?

Many companies, unfortunately, are still operating with legacy data management systems that bog down their efforts at innovation; some still capture data on paper. The scientists at these companies want to use their data to explore new cures for disease, but all too often they spend much of their time just trying to find that data.

An advanced, electronic data management system could enable your researchers to take full advantage of their data to gain insights, make discoveries, make better, faster decisions, and be even more productive. It can also ensure that regulatory hurdles and mis-steps are avoided, by making that data searchable, findable and, most importantly, trackable.

Read on to explore some of the challenges and opportunities of transforming your lab into a truly digital lab of the future.

Key points: 

  • Scientists spend way too much time searching for their data
  • Legacy systems are no match for today’s constant stream of data
  • In order to upgrade their data management, scientists need to step out of their comfort zone and embrace digital transformation

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