The E-WorkBook Chromatography Data Systems Integrations

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The E-WorkBook platform is designed for enterprise deployment.

Researchers expect that data can be transferred between systems, to reduce the overhead of transcription and to ensure consistency and quality. With E-WorkBook Integrations, IDBS provides frameworks to seamlessly connect the data management platform with your research systems, leveraging feature-rich APIs and extension points to facilitate integration to instruments and third-party data systems.

E-WorkBook supports the integration to the Waters Empower™ and Thermo Fischer Scientific Chromeleon™ chromatography
data management software. This allows users to upload injection sequences and method sets for execution, and to retrieve peak table results.

How is the tool used in practice?

Chromatographic Data Systems (CDS) are ubiquitous in analytical laboratory environments and are used through the lifecycle of the product, from method development in research through to method validation to support the assay of production samples. Both the method development and the execution of the assay require many injections, often in replicate. It can hence be tedious to write each method set in the software itself, so the ability to design and upload injection sequences in bulk can save considerable time.

Equally, the analysis of many results can be automated by bulk importing the peak lists into an E-WorkBook template, which can be configured to process the data. These templates can also be configured to produce statistical analysis reports and charts, creating linear and non-linear calibration curves and highlighting possible deviations.

The Empower logo is a copyright of Waters Corporation. The Chromeleon logo is a copyright of Thermo Fischer Scientific Inc.

How does it work?

The E-WorkBook templates are configured to support the customers workflow and have templates where sample metadata and injection sequences can be defined, with requisite order of samples, standards, blanks and replicate injections for execution. After the runs have been completed, the data can be bulk transferred to the template for analysis. Instructions within the spreadsheet action panel are available to trigger the export and import process. Users are provided with a project navigator panel from the CDS to allow the users to select the project node, to define a sample set method/sequence, or to select which results should be imported.

How is it deployed?

The Empower™ or Chromeleon™ integration components are installed on the customer network.

The integration is configured using administrator editable files, which may contain login details to streamline the authentication process, as well as folder locations and templates to add additional metadata within the CDS. These details are stored in an encrypted manner which helps to ensure security and integrity of the system.

What services/software does IDBS provide?

  • IDBS Professional Services team will install, configure and test the software on the customer site, configuring the integration components and the templates for exchange of sequences.

What does the customer need to provide?

  • Availability of the system administrators who manage the E-WorkBook instance (if on-premise) and the CDS
  • GxP validation of the integration component is to be addressed by the PQ process

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