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The E-WorkBook platform is designed for enterprise deployment.

Researchers expect that data can be transferred between systems, to reduce the overhead of transcription and to ensure consistency and quality. With E-WorkBook Integrations, IDBS provides frameworks to seamlessly connect the data management platform with your research systems, leveraging feature-rich APIs and extension points to facilitate integration to instruments and third-party data systems.

Scientific Data Management Systems such as Waters NuGenesis™ are used by researchers to manage data and documents generated by instruments, researchers and collaborators. The integration of NuGenesis™ in E-WorkBook enables researchers to easily reference key metadata within an experiment.

How is the tool used in practice?

With the integration, researchers can invoke a NuGenesis™ folder view, which enables them to directly browse and select files in the SDMS to attach. These files can then be opened in NuGenesis Vision™ for viewing.

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How does it work?

Within an experiment, users select a SDMS item type to insert into an experiment, which prompts the user to authenticate to a NuGenesis™ instance. The user can then browse the SDMS repository and select views and files to link to the E-WorkBook record. Additional filtering is possible to enable the user to quickly identify the file of interest e.g. by typeahead filtering on a property, or rank ordering a date column. Users may select multiple files to attach in a single operation. Returning to the E-WorkBook Record enables the user to see the SDMS hyperlinks to the metadata within the experiment. Linked files can be opened in NuGenesis Vision™, directly from the E-WorkBook record.

How is it deployed?

The NuGenesis™ integration component is installed within the E-WorkBook infrastructure, but also has a corresponding agent in the customer network that communicates directly with the NuGenesis™ client.

The integration is configured using an administrator editable file, which may contain login details to streamline the authentication process. These details are stored in an encrypted manner which helps to ensure security and integrity of the system.

What services/software does IDBS provide?

  • IDBS Professional Services team will install, configure and test the integration on the customer site

What does the Customer need to provide?

  • Availability of the system administrators who manage the E-WorkBook instance (if on-premise) and the SDMS
  • GxP validation of the integration component is to be addressed by the PQ process

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