IDBS Blog | 15th April 2019

Expert Interview: New Software Adoption

In this expert interview, Debbie Barklamb, Account Manager with IDBS, explains how she works with our customers, coordinating resources to help them successfully onboard IDBS software.

This includes helping new customers adopt and roll out our software and ensuring that existing customers continue to benefit from the technology and get the most out of their interaction with the product. Debbie also helps customers identify and pinpoint opportunities for the software’s applicability and execution in other areas of their business.

Because there is a growing need for research organizations to collaborate with their external partners and CROs, it is increasingly vital that the software organizations choose, supports their data management strategies and promotes sustainable collaboration between parties to meet their objectives.

In her role as Account Manager, Debbie helps those organizations that choose to use our platform, to think about their data management landscape holistically and ensure their choice has the most impact possible.

If you’d like to know more about how your organization can scale and succeed with truly enterprise scientific data management software, then click here to discover more or get in touch.

As an Account Manager at IDBS, Debbie Barklamb has extensive experience selling complex informatics platforms and research and development data management software across multiple sectors including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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