From Data to Actionable Insight: How to Gain a 20% Efficiency Improvement in the Lab Every Week

Webinar | Presented on 27 Mar 2019

Unjulie Bhanot and April Pisek, Solutions Consultants at IDBS, discuss two rapidly growing markets: biologics development and bioanalysis, and bring forth the importance of managing Big Data and navigating its implementation in the current environment.

In the webinar, Unjulie and April discuss:

  • The challenges scientists/researchers face in the biologics development and bioanalytical space during the phases of drug development to create the purest and most repeatable substance as possible
  • The impact of ineffective scientific data management in the lab and to the drug development process, through manual transcription, data silos and decentralized storage

How integrated scientific data management software can solve these challenges and mitigate their impact, and key factors to consider when implementing such a solution

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