A Guide to Achieving Better Insight with Accurate Data


In today’s modern world, data is everywhere. We create data every time we post an update on a social media platform, send an email to a friend, or upload a photograph online. Companies also collect data about us to gain greater insight about our preferences, and then send targeted content based on our interests. As a result of this, the amount of data being generated is growing at a rapid rate, and by 2020 the digital data universe is expected to reach 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes.)

In organizations that place so much emphasis on data, it’s incredibly important that the accuracy and reliability of this data is second to none. However, errors can and do happen. This is especially true for research and development facilities, where the fast-paced laboratory environment, as well as the nature, complexity and diversity of data increases the pressure on staff, and also the risk of errors occurring. When scientists are relying on this information to support their conclusions, errors can have serious consequences.

So, how can you ensure your business is generating accurate, high-quality data that facilitates effective reporting, and allows you to gain deeper insight? We’ve put this ebook together to guide you through the journey of data management, and help you gain unrivalled insight for future research and experiments.

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Key points: 

  • Data accuracy should be an important consideration for anyone working in an organization with R&D facilities
  • Technology in the lab means there’s more experiments being run and therefore more data generated and the risk of inaccuracies climb along with it
  • Digital solutions like ELNs reduce the time-consuming process of recording data into laboratory notebooks
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