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IDBS Blog | 26th February 2019

Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical World

Maximizing the use of IT through a digital transformation program is undoubtedly challenging for any sector.

While many sectors have undergone this process by putting a data-driven approach in place, this has yet to be fully realized in pharmaceuticals. Sam Shah, director of digital development at NHS England has recently said the same is also true in the healthcare sector.

Most industries that have undergone digital transformation have done so by adopting a data-driven approach. In healthcare we’re entering an era where data will be generated at scale.

Sam Shah, director of digital development, NHS England

But all that could change. Despite slow adoption, there are already several new technologies available and ready to be used in the sector such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

But as with any organization-wide change, digital transformation depends on effective collaboration – both internally and externally. But when dealing with such sensitive information, all parties need to be aware of the risks associated with sharing large amounts of complex data. Collaboration will naturally increase the risks associated with data integrity.

It is essential to ensure that all data produced sometimes thousands of miles away is never compromised.

Implementing modern data management systems is now more important than ever, so organizations can monitor processes remotely and ensure the integrity of their data. Digital transformation is reliant on a new approach to data management.

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