Industry Expert, Debbie Barklamb on New Software Adoption


IDBS Insight: Debbie Barklamb, an Account Manager with IDBS, discusses how adopting news software can help R&D across a range of scientific domains.


I’m Debbie Barklamb. I’m an Account Manager with IDBS.

It’s a commercial, customer-facing role where I help customers come on-board with IDBS software, and I coordinate IDBS resources to make sure those customers are successfully onboarded onto the IDBS software.

Likewise, for existing customers, I make sure that they continue to get benefit from the IDBS software and work with them to identify opportunities for where they might use our software in other areas.

Increasingly, customers are needing to collaborate with external research organizations, external partners, CROs, and it’s going to be absolutely imperative that the software that they adopt for supporting their data management strategies supports those collaborations.

I think there’s a number of common themes that are running through organizations right now.  There’s a desire for them to support a Generation X or Generation Y workforce with new-looking applications. There’s a desire to support a cloud-based way of working. There’s a desire in many organizations to actually think about the whole data management landscape more holistically, so rather than just looking at, if you like, an ELN platform that might capture scientific R&D data, increasingly we see organizations wanting to look at that part of data as just a part of the overall data landscape.

I think IDBS can help meet some of these customer challenges by primarily providing a second-generation data-management platform that services all of the scientific domains: biology, the chemistry, the analytical domains. Provides for a platform that is cloud-based, web-enabled, mobile-enabled, and provides a platform that has an extraordinary openness to it, by virtue of APIs, web services, such that organizations can take our core platform and integrate it into their vision of what that data landscape looks like for their organization.

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