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IDBS Blog | 26th February 2019

Seven Reasons You’ll Want to Share Your Story at i3 2019

i3 is our annual customer and user group meeting here at IDBS. Each year the event brings our community of R&D and IT professionals together to ignite insights, develop ideas, and advance scientific innovation for the future.

Each day at i3 is packed full of inspiring talks and interactive sessions led by IDBS customers, EWB users, and thought leaders, all designed to help you and your users leverage our scientific data management and lab informatics technology for continuous business growth and improvement.

The i3 2019 Call for Speakers is now open! You are invited to apply to be a speaker and share your knowledge, story or expertise with the audience at this year’s meetings in either London, UK or Nashville, TX.

We understand that speaking at an event can be a little nerve-wracking for some, and exciting for others; but whatever your feelings about public speaking, we would love you to consider submitting a proposal to speak at this focused and exclusive event.

And here are seven reasons why you should…

1. You get to attend i3 for FREE

Yes that’s right – we’re going for the big one in the first hit. Every speaker at i3 receives a free registration pass to the event. There are two different types of i3 registration passes for speakers to choose from:

The first is our Standard Registration Pass (valued at $399) which grants attendees access to the full 2 ½ day main agenda, all evening events and networking receptions, and all workshops.

The second, is our All-Access Pass designed to give i3 attendees the option to receive additional value on top of the main i3 event with a half day interactive training and workshop, which includes hands-on product training, best practice sessions, and Q&A with IDBS solution experts. (valued at $599)

2. It’s more than a speaking “gig” – it takes your attendance to another level

Every speaker receives a complimentary pass to the conference, but the benefits of a speaker go far beyond the tangible perks:

“Presenting adds another layer to i3 and makes you feel more invested in what’s going on while you are there. You attend the conference with a bigger mission than learning new skills connecting with other users and seeing what the future holds.”

Professional growth:  Being an i3 speaker encompasses tasks that might feel slightly outside of your comfort zone. The process of being a speaker will empower you to utilize skills you may not have the opportunity to use on a regular basis.

Connect with industry peers:  i3 is also a chance to surround yourself with peers in your industry – people entrenched in roles similar to yours, who speak your language. You get to hear from real users and speakers who are actually doing the work. They’re actually working hands-on with the technology and sharing real life strategies and real-life examples of what they’ve learned, and the mistakes they’ve made; what worked and what didn’t work.

Our past i3 speakers have found that the conference provides a rare opportunity to meet peers from other regions who specifically use similar technology solutions, and therefore experience similar obstacles and challenges. They found value from meeting in person to share ideas and discuss/overcome common pain points.

“We are used to being alone in our jobs, and oftentimes there aren’t enough opportunities for us to talk about what we do. I3 provides attendees with a forum that empowers customers to share their experiences with one another.”

Access our community of experts:  A benefit to speaking at i3 is access to many technical and subject matter experts among the i3 community of users and customers. Attendees are very open and honest with their strategies, best practices, knowledge and experience.

3. Be an integral part of influencing the 2019 i3 agenda

What better way to solve your issues than having the undivided attention of a room full of people who speak your language and leverage the same types of tools as you and your organization?

No matter what your priority topic is, i3 will give you the opportunity to connect with others who share your priorities. As an i3 speaker, you have the opportunity to directly influence the topics covered as part of the main agenda.

Being a speaker puts you in the unique position of being amongst your peers, but also to present yourself as an authority in your industry vertical. i3 attendees are hungry for case studies. Not only for success stories, but also “lessons learned” stories. They are really hungry for real-world stuff.

By sharing your story, you are providing others with insights based on the hurdles that you’ve already cleared.  As a speaker, many attendees may ask questions during or after your talk. This is a prime opportunity to learn about different methodologies and attempts to solve business problems.

4. “By teaching we learn”

For thousands of years, it’s been said that the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else. Researchers have found that people who enlist to teach or explain something to someone else, work harder to understand the material, recall it more accurately and ultimately apply it more effectively.

The process to prepare your i3 presentation will require you to select your topic, organize your knowledge, improve your understanding, and recall information. As you plan your talk, you will likely identify knots and gaps in your own thinking which will provide further opportunities for your own learning and growth.

5. Get valuable feedback, support and insight

Your i3 talk is a partnership. IDBS is here to help you every step of the way. We want to help you build your confidence and see your potential. Our team is here to:

  • Help focus your message
  • Encourage and motivate you along the way
  • Provide feedback throughout the process to ensure your talk reaches its full potential

Our team is as invested in the outcome of your talk as you are, so we want to provide you with the guidance and resources you need to lead an outstanding presentation.  As you develop your presentation, we’ll provide both positive and constructive feedback to help you deliver your message with as much impact for you and for the audience, as possible.

6. Boost your profile

Being a speaker at i3 is a great opportunity for you to boost your professional profile, not only during the event, but before and after it too. As part of our event organization we have a series of promotional activities that will feature our speakers and their talks, both on our website, and through other digital channels too. We’ll be providing exposure for you, your talk and your organization.

7. Giving back is rewarding, and a two-way street…

The best part? If you are a speaker, you can help open doors for people to learn and see things in a different light. Let your voice be heard. Apply today to join the community of past i3 speakers.

Not only that, if we can use your talk materials or synopsis in our promotional activities for our 2020 event – we’ll pay back by giving you a discount off your ticket for that too.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
— Mahatma Gandhi


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