IDBS Blog | 8th November 2018

A Technology Strategy with a Difference: We Want the Cloud to Close Our Business

Usually organizations implement new IT strategies and adopt new technologies to keep ahead of the competition.

But one charity is implementing a cloud-first strategy with a difference. The aim? To cease operations completely.

Julie Dodd, Director of Digital Transformation and Communication at Parkinson’s UK, told ZDNet: “We want to find a cure and go out of business as quickly as possible. Technology can be crucial in that goal.”

To find a cure for Parkinson’s – and also other horrific diseases like cancer, Huntington’s and leukaemia – organizations need to find a way of working together more effectively.

With its new cloud strategy, Parkinson’s UK is leading the way by putting information and data and the heart of its processes. With a combination of cloud computing and big data to drive its digital transformation, the charity is ensuring it is well prepared to usher in a new period of collaborative research with a joined-up approach to data management.

To help, Parkinson’s UK has installed cloud-based data warehousing, a type of data management that helps tear down existing data silos, thereby increasing data integration and connectivity. The ZDNet piece also discusses the challenges of data management and how digital transformation can increase operational efficiencies.

The collaboration challenges of Parkinson’s UK are the same as many other organizations throughout R&D – featuring many stakeholders from all over the world, including pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and other external research partners.

Having access to technology that enables organizations to facilitate the sharing of data is crucial – and the cloud needs to sit at the heart of the process.

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