The Shapeshifting Landscape of Scientific Informatics


How Legacy Technology Can Block the Road to Scientific Discovery

Digital transformation

In nearly every work environment around the globe, digital transformations are taking place that change the way individuals produce, interact, and engage with their work. Scientific research laboratories are no different. Whether they’re big or small, these changes mean laboratories are now creating, transforming, and leveraging data in unprecedented ways.

Scientific organizations need to keep up with this changing business landscape, and are under pressure to go-to-market faster with new, improved and compliant products, whilst still conducting innovative research that results in brilliant and impactful outcomes.

Mastering data and information is an essential part of any organization’s research. When the task is to find the next ‘big thing’ – from pharmaceuticals through to new food flavors and improved plastics – past practices often aren’t enough, meaning new approaches and technologies must be brought into the fold. The technology that empowers experiments and projects must be able to supply a solution for the problems of today, while also being capable of growing and enabling the promises of tomorrow.

In this eBook – The Shapeshifting Landscape of Scientific Informatics, we explore these issues. To learn more, download your copy below!

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