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Learn how our library of interoperable workflows with associated ontology and biological and laboratory inventory management can transform your business – whether you’re carrying out daily monitoring of bioreactors or developing a new cell line.

The IDBS Bioprocess Solution meets the challenging demands businesses encounter when delivering novel, high-quality therapeutics to patients faster and more cost effectively.

Leading bioprocess organizations are working with us to implement their digital platform for biologics development, transforming their operations and realizing the full benefit of their current and future investments in new and innovative process technologies.

Streamlined workflow execution

Facilitate collaboration and create cross-domain efficiencies between upstream development, downstream development and analytical development teams.


  • Data capture at the point of process execution, eliminating the time and errors associated with manual transcription
  • In-built data analysis and visualization tools, reducing the time spent manipulating data and providing immediate insight into process performance
  • Built in workflow execution capabilities, enabling you to define process tolerances and prevent common errors
  • Configurable bioprocess terminology data mapping, ensuring consistent process and result data storage, easy to compare experimental parameters and facilitating faster reporting across your method of choice, e.g. campaigns, cell lines and development stage

Enhanced data integrity and compliance

Gain the flexibility required in process development, while assuring rules and procedures associated with GxP validation and company quality   protocols are adhered to.

The IDBS bioprocess solution provides::

  • Unparalleled protection of intellectual property through 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP validation compliance
  • Fully searchable audit trails and digital signatures, providing fully attributable contemporaneous data entry and system records
  • Granular security rights ensuring access only granted to those with appropriate permissions
  • The ability to track changes to data, providing an accurate account of work, ensuring traceability and dramatically shortening the QA review cycle
  • The potential to increase adherence to SOPs in GxP environments and highlight deviations in real time

Search, share and enable insight

Data captured within the IDBS Bioprocess Solution is fully searchable and reportable – enabling you to find exactly what you need, when you need it;
enhancing visibility across all your operations and allowing you to make suitably informed decisions.


  • Search data with context, supporting more meaningful queries and ensuring faster reporting and tech transfer, allowing you to rapidly identify trends and trace the history of decisions
  • Locate historical information easily, removing the need for non-productive and time-consuming re-works
  • Get a direct link between cross-domain scientific process data and compliance data, to simplify communication between different teams, improve productivity and facilitate smoother data sharing
  • Promote the re-use of high-value knowledge, enabling better decision making and improved product and process insight
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