IDBS Blog | 4th October 2018

The Case for Disaster Recovery and Backups

Disaster recovery and backups are an often overlooked, but critical, component of managing an enterprise application.

Both options are required to prevent catastrophic loss of data.

Disaster recovery requires either off-site or multi-site storage – and organizations typically backup data every 24-hours. For events unrelated to catastrophic data loss, such as a user accidently deleting a file, backups typically do not provide value as it is rare that an IT department is permitted to restore a backup to correct one user’s mistake.

Equally, backups taken every 24-hours may not be sufficient to preserve the critical sample data that is generated hourly. Because samples are of limited quantity, and analytical tests are destructive, it may not be possible to simply re-run a test to replace the data that was lost within the 24-hour backup window.

The E-WorkBook Cloud provides strong disaster recovery and fast mean time to repair (MTTR). Additionally, unlike on-premise installations that are backed-up every 24-hours, The E-WorkBook Cloud is backed up continuously, ensuring that once data is entered it is backed up.

The E-WorkBook Cloud also offers an extended transaction window that mitigates the risk of losing data and protects irreplaceable samples from unnecessary and destructive retests. If you would like to find out more, you can contact us here.

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