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IDBS Blog | 12th October 2018

Meet Christian Marcazzo Our New Vice President and General Manager

In September, Christian Marcazzo joined us as Vice President and General Manager.

Christian will be responsible for the day-to-day running of IDBS and growing the Informatics Solutions business of the Danaher Life Sciences Platform.

Watch the interview below to hear Christian’s thoughts on everything from the future of drug discover through to his vision for IDBS.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Christian, please click the button underneath the video.

Video transcript

My name is Christian Marcazzo, I’m the General Manager of IDBS.

I’ve spent 20 years of my career at the interface of science and IT, helping discovery organizations make the most of cutting-edge science to bring new discoveries to market.

Two things brought me to IDBS. First of all, IDBS has a great brand and reputation in this market for innovation. And secondly, Danaher have a really tremendous vision in building out the Life Science platform and incorporating software as an essential tenet of that platform. So I believe the combination of IDBS’ history and position in the marketplace and Danaher’s vision and ability to invest really positions us very well for growth.

IDBS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Danaher and IDBS is the first acquisition by Danaher of a software company. The opportunity for IDBS at Danaher is to really build out software as a core competence within the platform, making sure that our customers are equipped to handle the vast volumes of data that are being generated in Life Science laboratories today.

What I love most about my job at IDBS is the opportunity to come into the office every day working with smart, passionate, creative people to build great products and get them out to the market.

Biologics represents the biggest opportunities and the biggest challenges for many of our biggest customers at IDBS. IDBS will help our existing customers by continuing to develop great products and by helping our customers make sure that those products get into the hand of the right people in their organizations so that they really are helping their R&D operation, and each scientist within it, to be more productive in how they do their work.

The increasing complexity of biology and science, and the need to harness that biology and all of the new tools that we have in our arsenal to understand and exploit biology, presents a great opportunity – but is also in many ways a challenge to do new things, and to do those new things ahead of the competition.

My vision for the future of IDBS is that we’ll continue to address some of the biggest challenges that our customers face. For example the increasing complexity and advances in biology, increasing externalization of R&D as our customers externalize more of their work with external partners and contract research organizations, and some of the emerging challenges that come from the need to scale up and develop new processes for the manufacture and production of much more complex molecules.

We need to do two things. We need to make sure that we are really understanding and at the cutting-edge of science. That we’re contributing to, and helping our customers exploit, all of the new scientific capabilities that are available to them.

And secondly, we need to understand our customers. Each of our customers is going to have their own strategy and their own focus. We need to make sure we understand how they’re working, so that we can help them apply the tools that we’re developing and the software that we’re developing to have the biggest impact in their R&D productivity.

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