Is Your Legacy ELN Holding You Back?

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Are you tired of your outdated technology? Do you want an ELN that’s intuitive to use? Would moving to the cloud make it easier for you to access and manage valuable data? It might be time for you to move away from your old R&D software…

Legacy ELNs are struggling to meet the needs of both chemists and biologists who frequently use different, siloed platforms for their work. Across R&D, the move is towards web-based applications, and for good reason – zero footprint deployment, with easy access from a browser interface from anywhere within an organization (and from your CROs). This provides researchers with a flexible system that can work with a wide variety of data types and experiments, to accurately capture data and provide strong evidence to support conclusions.

Concerned your IT department hasn’t got the capability or resources?

IDBS provide managed Software as a Service (SaaS) deployments to remove the burden of system administration, and are ISO 27001 certified for security.


IDBS E-WorkBook is the world’s best-in-class informatics platform for scientific research and discovery. It’s a flexible R&D software that meets  the demands of your particular industry, the needs of the various business units in your organization today, and that can rapidly adapt and scale to meet whatever requirements you may have tomorrow.


Our unified SaaS platform meets the needs of the most demanding chemistry, analytical and biology workflows. With the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud, you can:

  • Use one system for simple “paper on glass” data capture for complex workflows
  • Minimize time spent transferring data between applications and decrease data transcription errors
  • Ensure data produced throughout a process is captured, stored and is available for cross-experimental reporting
  • Leverage out-of-the-box integrations for lab equipment and data systems
  • Reduce the time and burden of documenting experiments
  • Support all areas of research from one platform, leading to greater opportunities for collaboration and efficiency in R&D
  • Achieve efficiencies by integrating with corporate infrastructure via public APIs
  • Reduce costs and overheads with a subscription-based SaaS model
  • Receive the latest software releases and upgrades without the need for lengthy on-premise installations

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