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IDBS Blog | 17th July 2018

How Technology Can Protect Data in the World of Outsourcing

Pharmaceutical companies are under escalating pressure to significantly increase the number of drugs that reach the market within a shorter timeframe, but lack the infrastructure to do so.

More than ever, companies need to partner with outside firms to compress the timeline of drug development, thereby decreasing overall cost and gaining access to additional drug entities. 

In doing so, they must also adopt technology that ensures data security of sensitive work — that can ultimately become IP — while streamlining their processes and improving efficiency. With the right technology solution, this outcome is completely achievable.

In his new article, Brady Haggstrom, IDBS Product Manager, shares his key considerations for outsourcing and data security:

  • Demonstrate that rigorous controls are in place to protect access to data by working with vendors who have their systems externally audited and are compliant to an industry standard, such as the ISO27001
  • Ensure that data and users are protected from malicious code or actors in the technology solution. This means the environment should be able to share reports of the tests performed on the system, ensuring security
  • Finally, deliver a technology solution that is easy-to-use and has low maintenance costs (both time and money)

Click here to read Brady Haggstrom’s exclusive EPM article, which looks at the changing landscape of drug development and how technology can help protect sensitive research data.

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