Three Top Tips to Optimize Your Bioanalysis Operations

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The route to better, faster and more efficient data

Bioanalytical operations need to generate better quality, faster and more efficient study data.

More sensitive instruments, efficient sample management and robust assays have all delivered huge productivity gains – but haven’t provided an effective approach to data management. As bioanalytical enterprises become increasingly global, better data management and streamlined reporting can offer exciting cost saving possibilities.

Follow these three tips to optimize your bioanalysis:

1. Accelerate laboratory throughput

Modern informatics platforms focus on the data and, with workflow support, enabling you to:

  • capture and organize both structured and unstructured data
  • implement workflow and process management
  • automatically enforce QA
  • review by exception
  • report data by simply running queries

Inefficiencies caused by data silos are eliminated, while the time taken from sample receipt to report delivery is reduced.

2. Increase laboratory capacity

Informatics platforms reduce the administrative burden on scientists, freeing them up to spend more of their time conducting valuable research rather than time-consuming administration, while also supporting an ecosystem of ideas and collaborative information. Laboratory process control, business workflows and equipment records, alongside instrumental data, are all comprehensively managed and data across multiple runs can be collated into single reports, saving valuable time.

3. Improve data quality and traceability to support compliance

Every laboratory submitting bioanalytical data to a regulatory agency must comply with a number of guidelines. With all laboratories working differently, the regulatory reporting process can be hugely resource intensive.
Data-centric scientific informatics platforms and electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) help save vast amounts of resource by collating data across multiple runs into a single report. Validated templates provide secure links between the original data and any final calculations for ease of audit, with data recorded as securely as traditional paper records.

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