2018 Annual Review: Internal and External Collaboration in R&D

Webinar | Presented on 06 Apr 2018

The key steps to working together effectively in an R&D environment

The rise of collaborative and outsourced R&D for small and large molecules has changed the way researchers conduct their work in today’s BioPharma environment. Along with many advances made because of this, it’s also created a different type of challenge for those tasked with leading this science. Researchers are increasingly being asked to do more, with less, and speed along scientific progress—one of the catalysts behind outsourcing’s rise.

Also, high attrition rates in R&D are causing the pipeline to not grow at the same rate of investment. This is leading to increased preclinical and toxicology studies. This rapid growth is requiring quickly onboarding capable partners.

Commonly, we’re seeing legacy technologies being used to coordinate and orchestrate this collaborative work across the business leading to significant pain. Impacted individuals like Principle Scientists; Project Leads; and Study, Program, and Collaboration Managers are being asked to accelerate output while their IT and Informatics teams try to enable them with the best technology solutions.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How trends in BioPharma are affecting internal and external teams working together
  • Where collaboration is happening in the different stages in the current R&D process
  • Current technology solutions and systems being leveraged to collaborate
  • What an ineffective system could be costing your organization
  • Key capabilities needed to effectively collaborate and orchestrate work

Watch this webinar as we discuss the current issues of R&D collaboration and teams working more effectively together.

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