Pharmacology Bottlenecks Identified

Webinar | Presented on 12 Jan 2018

More time for science, not searching for data

In this webinar, we discuss the common bottlenecks faced by pharmacologists and how IDBS’s pre-clinical knowledge and data management platform can support them.

Do any of these challenges ring true for you?

  • Are you still “Living in Excel hell” or struggling with a paper notebook?
  • Do you have to manage the complexity of long-term studies?
  • Is your analysis taking too much time because of all the different software packages you have to use?
  • Do you have to transcribe your final data into your corporate system because your 3rd party pharmacology application isn’t properly integrated?
  • Is the traceability and visibility of your data causing issues with your compliance?
  • Is managing your external partners just too time-consuming?

We’ll also take a look at what’s happening in the market, the direction and strategy of IDBS’s solution, effective deployment strategies, externalization support and some of our customer success stories.

If you would like to break through your pharmacology bottlenecks and challenges, then watch this webinar to get an overview of how you could achieve that with IDBS.

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