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Sealy Inc. improves efficiency and promotes corporate compliance with E-WorkBook, leading to significant productivity gains across the Company.

Key points:

  • Sealy was not using its data to its full potential or fulfil the legal and quality requirements
  • E-WorkBook captures all of their data with context
  • Sealy now has full audit trails and are compliant with the most stringent regulations

The challenge

Previously using paper lab notebooks, Sealy Inc. found that its data was not being fully utilized and the company could not fulfill all requirements from a legal and quality point of view.

Paper records, often inconsistent in legibility and formatting, were proving to be time consuming, difficult to search, expensive to archive and vulnerable to damage and loss.

A solution was needed to capture and report product engineering, testing and development in a flexible and compliant manner that fully meets safety standards for manufacturing.

The solution

E-WorkBook Suite is a versatile electronic laboratory notebook that captures and stores both contextual and experimental data in a searchable, secure, traceable and compliant environment. The solution provides enhanced support for controlled data entry processes, easier and faster data entry and analysis, and intellectual property (IP) capabilities.

With expert support from IDBS’ Global Professional Services, Sealy Inc. has now implemented E-WorkBook Suite, replacing its paper-based systems.

Using E-WorkBook, Sealy Inc. now has provided a solution that is intuitive and easy to use, is flexible to incorporate different disciplines and working practices, can produce patentable records and can facilitate compliance.

As a complete environment for registering, monitoring, storing and retrieving test data, E-WorkBook provides one extensive framework for the company’s workflows.

The results

Full audit trails and access control promote compliance to increasingly stringent regulatory demands. E-WorkBook includes plug-and-play integration with digital signature infrastructures that enables users to protect their IP and conform to company policies.

Data can be shared easily across the organization, ensuring more efficient workflows and enabling better decision-making.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting ensures that production and efficiency can be monitored effectively, while Business Intelligence (BI) benefits bring competitive advantage and productivity gains, making it easier to evaluate the success of company operations.

Sealy Inc. can capture and report on product engineering, testing and development using a single environment in an efficient and timely manner, which has led to significant productivity gains.

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